Change Log
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Date Version Repository Level
2007-01-02 115
  • Fix bug with row delete where user stops and then resumes save
  • Fix issue with function sequence error on commit/rollback when saving data using a driver that invalidates prepared statement on commit/rollback
  • Fix grid label divider for Rows properties
  • Fix grid background color
2006-12-09 115
Fix installation issue with Windows XP where user gets error message 'This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect...'
2006-12-02 115

Fix blanking/corrupt screen when viewing procedures

2006-12-01 115
  • Add support for comparing sequences for supported DBMSs
  • Add support for saving a comparison as html
  • Add key criteria to column filter
  • Add 'Add To Tree' command support to compare data tab and folder contents list
  • Add support for Edit | Copy to copy tree items to tree clipboard for tree items selected in a folder detail list, comparison list and compare data list.
  • Add support for ODBC drivers that do not support row bind offset pointer, such as MySQL ODBC/Connector 3.51.  Please see DBMS Notes for updated driver support.
  • Add support for synchronizing data where driver does not support parameter bind offset pointer, such as MS Access ODBC driver.  Please see DBMS Notes for updated driver support
  • Identify Advantage Database Server data sources
  • Identify DBMaker data sources. 
  • Identify Ingres data sources.
  • Support EnterpriseDB data sources (same as PostgreSQL)
  • Save/Restore row filter when compare data tab is running.
  • Write little endian BOM sequence when writing unicode save as file to allow comparing ansi/unicode data with WinMerge and ExamDiff
  • Implement fix for Informix ODBC driver error with multiple active statements on the same connection
  • Alert user to errors/warnings when lower tab is hidden and message pane is not visible.
  • Identify condition where driver returns no label for resultset column as an error in compare data tab if either side has no resultset columns.
  • Use all_triggers instead of dba_triggers for Oracle trigger metadata information to allow users who don't have dba role to compare triggers.
  • Use pg_user instead of pg_shadow for PostgreSQL metadata.
  • Add workaround for Oracle bug with SQLGetData where driver returns SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO instead of SQL_SUCCESS where provided buffer is large enough for column data.
  • Fix bug: not restoring open comparison the second time around
  • Fix bug: error saving New 2 keep row limit for an inline comparison
  • Fix bug: hung comparison when stopping an inline comparison
  • Fix missing prompt when closing tab/app and save is in progress
  • Fix cut/paste for tree items to use standard behavior
  • More fixes for deadlock issues with compare data tab
  • Allow canceling comparison while data is being sorted
  • Include msvcp71.dll and msvcr71.dll in installer (required for Firebird)
  • Align comparison data buffers on 4-byte boundry  (fixes data corruption issues with drivers that assume buffer alignment such as PostgreSQL and EnterpriseDB ODBC drivers)
  • Additonal paritioning of application across dlls
  • Update application to VS 2005 
2006-08-24 114*
  • Add Find functionality to text pane
  • Fix incorrect sorting for negative numeric/decimal data
  • More fixes for application deadlock/crash with compare data tab and activity for its items in other tabs
  • Do not attempt to open a DBMS comparison if application was terminated while attempting to open the DBMS comparison last time
2006-08-14 114*
  • Add support for persistent user-defined row sorting for comparisons
  • Add most recently used DBMS comparison menu item
  • Identify OpenLink Virtuoso data sources
  • Add support for Db2 BLOB, graphic and XML data types
  • Persistent column width for Compare Data list
  • Add popup menu support for counters
  • Fix repository error for viewing detail of ASA, Firebird, InterBase or PostgreSQL procedure/function
  • Fix application deadlock when closing a tab where a comparison is in progress and a Compare Data comparison is already open for the item
  • Fix no data for Db2 V9 triggers
  • Fix missing text for Db2 V9 procedure/function text (UTF-8 database characterset)
  • Rename Compare Tree command to Compare Data command
  • Do not restore previously opened items/expanded items for a DBMS comparison that last crashed
  • Use Firebird 2.0 RC3 for the embedded repository and Firebird 2.0 ODBC driver build 136
2006-06-12 113*
  • Add support for comparing stored procedures/functions for supported DBMSs.
  • Add parse as SQL comparison setting to allow comparing of parsed sql tokens when comparing sql text.
  • Add support for using Firebird/InterBase(r) driver with InterBase
  • Add InterBase to supported DBMSs
  • Add option to create Firebird database
  • Add support for Caché using ODBC-JDBC Easysoft gateway
  • Identify ANTs, Daffodil, FrontBase and MonetDB data sources
  • Show ODBC data source description when setting up application data source.
  • Fix crash with row filtering
  • Fix database error on first add of a tables/views comparison
  • Fix issue with data errors when updating repository from previous levels
2006-05-01 112*
  • Fix missing installer Firebird repository database file fbrep.fdb that causes Unavailable Database error when application tries to create its embedded repository.  Advisory! CMPDATA-001
2006-04-06 112*
  • Add support for copying item text from the display grid
  • Add Save As command to save an item text or binary data to a file
  • Add support for associating an extension with a resultset column to allow opening the column item data in the shell default application for the extension.
  • Add support for opening both an column item data and its match data in the shell default applications for the two columns associated extensions.
  • Add support for opening two items column data with an external diff program such as Compare It! WinMerge , ExamDiff , etc.
  • Add support for comparing table triggers for MS SQL Server, Oracle, Db2, Firebird, Sybase ASE, Sybase ASA, Informix, MySQL and PostreSQL.
  • Add option to show database object schema name.
  • Fix missing warning when query resultset has dynamic columns and the driver does not support mingling of GetData columns with bound columns to alert user to move the dynamic buffer columns to the end of the select list
  • Update licensing to require registration for comparing query data after the evaluation period is expired
2006-02-22 111*
  • add New 1 and New 2 virtual folders to Tables/Views comparisons
  • add support for comparing metadata of a set of tables such as the contents of a user folder.
  • allow adding a one-sided comparison to the tree (table is compared to no table)
  • Update licensing to make the application free for comparing/synchronizing Firebird databases
  • Fix issue with metadata table filter not getting correctly updated when comparison changes in the browser tab
  • delete Tables/Views repository entries when the node is deleted
  • fix issue where object is not  deallocated in compare tree if another compare tree tab lis open and contains the same item
  • Truncate message pane queue on Clear All
  • Use updated Firebird 1.5.3 server for repository
  • Use Firebird MT ODBC driver for embedded repository data source to allow comparing/synchronizing repository database.
2006-01-19 110*
  • add support for comparing table metadata including:  columns, index, primary key, foreign key and table permission between two tables or two table lists.
  • add support for MS SQL Server 2005 max and xml data types
  • add support for hosting repository on Firebird DBMS and by default use the embedded Firebird repository if user does not already have an application repository set up.
  • add repository wizard to create, update, modify or drop an application repository
  • add application version to the installation directory and program group 
  • greatly reduce GDI handle use to allow opening more main tabs
  • use worker thread to populate tree with the result of a Tables/Views comparison
  • fix synchronizing data of identity columns for MS SQL Server and Sybase
  • fix synchronizing data for Informix
  • fix overalloacted buffers for retrieving data from FileMaker
  • update screen shots
2005-10-28 109*
  • Fix sometimes slow delete tree item; fix error on delete tree item where tree item has compare tree properties
  • Update UI to flat look
  • Add support for inline comparisons to allow comparing data in blocks of rows to make it possible to compare data without having to fit all the resultset data in memory.
  • Add support for InterBase data sources (no repository support).
  • Repository: remove picture_index column from in_sync_node table to ensure that older versions of the application will not be able to use repository level 109 and higher and cause repository errors.  Can not support hosting repository on Sybase ASE due to driver issue (use Sybase ASA to host repository, instead)
2005-10-14 108
  • Add missing msvcp70.dll to installer otherwise clients that don't have .NET framework/MFC installed on their machines get error message about missing dll when they run the application.
2005-09-20 108
  • Add Title option to main tabs
  • Add App/Task filter to message pane 
  • Revise some UI images
  • Check for unsupported drivers that do not support row/parameter bind offsets
  • Support using MaxDB (no repository support).  See DBMS Notes
  • Fix issue where UI appears frozen while large number of errors are logged to the message pane
  • Fix issue caused by Sybase ASE ODBC driver returning identifier quote character as one blank character.
  • Fix crashes due to dangling references to released connections
  • Updated screen shots
2005-08-25 108
  • Fix sporadic crash with compare tree where keep comparison objects option is not Yes.
  • Fix deadlock with closing compare tree tab while comparisons are in progress and a row filter is in effect
  • Fix tree control flashing
  • Rename Comparison to Settings view and add option to toggle display of comparison and/or update settings
  • Add status bar option to Settings view
2005-08-18 108
  • Fix crash due to rebuild of tables/views for a compare tree item
  • Fix memory leaks
  • Fix flashing of compare tree list
2005-08-11 108
  • Fix sometimes missing base sql text for table/view/query
  • Fix Del key for editing combobox edit text, sql text
  • Add item image for tables/views and compare tree lists
2005-07-28 108
  • Fix some flashing issues with main row filtering
  • Add status bar to compare tree
2005-07-21 108
  • Fix Compare Tree command deadlock issue where max threads is more than 1
  • Add Check for Update command to Help menu and automatically check for update on weekly basis
2005-07-15 108
  • Add Compare Tree command for comparing the data of all the tables/views of a tree to allow for comparing data of a group of tables or all tables
  • Add table name pattern parameter to Tables/Views comparisons for comparing only tables/views matching a pattern between two databases
  • Fix issue with zero height lower pane
  • Update licensing to make comparing data free and registration is required only for saving synchronized data
  • Add support for updating repository level from prior versions
2005-04-25 107
Miscellaneous UI fixes
2005-04-21 107
  • Add support for deleting new rows when synchronizing data
  • Add message pane for spooling messages
2005-04-07 107
Add support for synchronizing table data with inserts and updates.
2005-01-22 106
Add support for comparing the data of the resultsets of two queries
2004-12-29 105
Initial version.