Change Log
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Date Version Repository Level
2009-02-02 120*
  • Add Empty counter to items view main properties
  • Add Close All DBMS Comparisons command
  • Add -r command line option to allow running comparisons and data synchronization from the command line and/or external scheduling.
  • Add Back/Forward explorer commands
  • Add multi-core support to metadata folder-level comparisons. If your machine has more than 2 cores, please see the application online help about moving the application repository from the embedded Firebird database to an enterprise-class DBMS such as MS SQL Server, Oracle, or Db2 to take advantage of enhanced performance possible with more than 2 cores.
  • Enhance logon userid/password security; empty logonID/password (Windows authentication) is no longer/not necessary to encrypt
  • Add Limit Connections option to data source setup dialog
  • Use idle processing to enable/disable properties grids
  • Allow Run Now command for shutdown/inactive schedules
  • Fix crash due to main comparison refresh where a metadata multiple item comparison is in progress.
  • Add Open and Explore commands support to metadata lists
  • Fix UI for Windows 7
2008-12-07 120*
  • Add Matched column counter to comparison main properties
  • Fix error determining temp folder for Windows Vista
2008-12-01 120*
  • Log schedule run info to repository to allow external applications to query repository about a scheduled task status/info including number of rows new/different/same, updated, inserted, deleted, etc.
  • Log schedule run messages to repository
  • Add trim history options to schedule maintenance dialog
  • Add run end proc name option to schedules to allow running a stored procedure on a schedule run end to allow user to call their stored procedure that may inspect the run results and send an email, for example.
  • Add Filter On <text> command and Filter Settings On <column name> command to allow quickly filtering on the current cell text and filtering settings on current column name
  • Add right trim, nill is null and zero is null column updates settings 
  • Reinterpret left trim and right trim comparison settings as ignore leading and ignore trailing spaces, respectively rather than always left trim and/or right trim when comparing so that two space filled strings of the same size are identified correctly as equal regardless of their column left trim/right trim comparison settings.
  • Allow applying settings command for the same table to multiple columns by selecting text of the affected columns (in comparison or settings view) and executing the settings command on an anchor column. This allows user to right trim all char columns, or selected char columns, for a table with one command, for example.
  • Implement view Show White Space and Show Line Endings for text views
  • Add Select Match command and Column Match Tool to allow matching columns by clicking on source and match columns and to allow user to match columns where number of eligible unmatched columns exceeds 32 columns.
  • Identify MS SQL Server 2008 data sources and add support for new data types: date, time, datetime2, datetimeoffset, geometry and geography.  Support comparing/synchronizing UDT data types.
  • Fix issue with synchronizing data at folder level where item gets re-retrieved unnecessarily for delete pass due to comparison object being released at the end of the insert/update pass because it does not meets keep objects items property.
  • Fix error with setting where clause for side 1 of one-side table comparison
  • Rollback delete if error is encountered determining number of rows affected by delete
  • Rollback update if error is encountered determining number of rows affected by update
  • Log warning instead of an error if number of rows affected by an update is zero
  • Warn if save updates as/generate sync script output file folder is invalid on opening dialog since Apply button stays disabled
  • Save schedule on Run Now command
  • Validate/save script on Run Script command
  • Fix tab key and entering tabs in editor pane depending on pane read-only state and allow tabbing out of text view using Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Shift+Tab 
  • Disable delete command for a schedule attached to an item
  • Fix deleting unattached schedule that was set as weekly
  • Fix issue with procedure column view reverting to contents view in explorer procedure/function navigation to another procedure/function workspace item
  • Add item image to settings rows
  • Move PK column to first column (right after item image) for column comparison
  • Re-use delete, insert and update statements, if possible, when synchronizing data inline to enhance performance.
  • Fix row not found issue for delete using Oracle ODBC driver where part of the row key is a table column whose length is greater than 128 characters
  • Fix right trim comparison setting not working where data type of one of the two columns being compared is unicode char.
  • Make list view current cell the clicked cell, if any, on right click
  • Use end ellipses to truncate column names in menus where menu item text exceeds predefined max menu item width
  • Fix current cell focus rectangle not shown where all text or rows text is selected
  • Update comparison settings images foreground color so that image is visible when cell text is selected and list does not have focus
  • Fix crash on retrieve where column excluded from select from both sides is added to key
  • Allow using ALTER key to select header column text by clicking on header difference counter while holding down ALTER key to account for case where difference counter occupies most of the lower area of the column header.
  • Display blank header for settings side 2 where settings are displayed horizontally to allow user to select side 2 settings column text by clicking on the blank column header or display header context menu.
  • Add Copy As submenu to settings view context menu and fix settings save as sql where clause key
  • Fix bug with display column filtering not refreshed where there is an ignore column filter and a column ignore state changes
  • Fix issue with invert row filter and select text available count not updated
  • Add Clear Contents Settings command to help recover from crash due to corrupt settings
  • Fix crash due to inconsistent comparison key columns after match key column is excluded from select
  • Extend Add Here workspace command to any main tab that has an item being displayed
  • More error checking on converting strings to numbers when comparing text to numbers
  • Fix settings stamp edit not being enabled for matches where it is applicable
  • Support using spacebar, enter and escape keys for editing settings properties
  • Use user encoding option when saving rows/selected text as sql
  • Use ANSI encoding, if possible, rather than always unicode for saving as csv, txt formats
  • Update generating sync script options to include new updates settings for Right Trim Spaces, Nill is Null and Zero is Null, and use these options when saving inserts as text.
  • Remove redundant scrollbars from text views
  • Fix issue where pending exclude from select column was getting used for inserts
  • Fix issue with starting a retrieve where first new where clause has not been validated
  • Fix bug with no data is retrieved for a folder metadata where the folder contents view has not yet been retrieved
  • Fix bug with validating first where clause where comparison is started before user saved where clause sql
  • Reduce flashing of tab item label when task is active
  • Fix issue where display buffer does not contain last batch of an inline comparison eligible items when user cancels the comparison task
  • Fix crash with closing Save As SQL preview while task is in progress
  • Add Stop toolbar button to Save As SQL preview dialog
  • Support comparing time data type to character data types
  • Add title commands to display titles side by side, not display title item icon and display title text in gray color and display user logon id in title
  • Fix context-sensitive F1 help not working for some context menus
  • Retrieve all SQLite character columns with SQLGetData as DBMS does not enforce character column size limit
  • Display data type information for comparison column header tooltip
  • Adjust dropdown list detail width to completely display list items
  • Fix crash due to delay time before tooltip is displayed for last item of list view that is being filtered out
  • Display scrollbar for data source list box if necessary
  • Fix issue with timestamp precision when synchronizing data where default precision was being used instead of actual target column precision.
  • Update application to use maximum rather than minimum timestamp precision for inserting/updating repository tables
  • Fix UI for use with unthemed Windows style
  • Check DBMS version for hosting application repository on Oracle to be 9.x or above
  • Rename three repository FK constraint names on table in_sync_node to be the same as the Db2 constraint names (now same pre/post scripts for all supported DBMSs for moving repository)
  • Add support for clearing settings for multiple items by implementing Clear Settings command at the items view
  • Add repository procecure to advance repository sequences for moving repository to Firebird, Db2, Oracle and PostgreSQL and update help topic with additional script for advancing repository sequences.
  • Swap workspace DBMS comparison sides on adding the same DBMS comparison with swapped sides when the existing DBMS comparison is not open.
  • Fix issue with tree ctrl scrolling to the bottom of the workspace on opening comparison root that has nested expanded items
2008-06-23 119*
  • Add support for internal scheduling of comparisons and data synchronization
  • Add data source setup option to close unused connection after specified number of minutes and by default close unused connections after 10 minutes
  • Check for dead connections
  • Add support for profiles via command line option to allow multiple separate environments for the application for the same user
  • Add command line option for starting application minimized to Windows notification area
  • Reduce OnIdle cpu usage due to mouse move
  • Fix crash with closing DBMS comparison where one of the item is selected and open in explorer and its own tab
  • Fix crash with synchronizing Firebird data at the folder level where ODBC driver returns SYSDBA instead of NULL for SQLForeignKeys foreign key table schema when determining table dependencies
  • Fix crash with cut/paste tree item where tree item is current item in explorer tab or open in its own tab
  • Always commit on releasing a connection to the connection pool to release dbms catalog/system locks, if any.
  • Use PostgreSQL 8.3 pg_trigger.tgenabled definition for PostgreSQL trigger resultset
  • Update embedded Firebird server to version 2.04
  • Fix memory leaks due to stl ostrstream::str()
  • Add message pane max size option to limit message panes memory usage
  • Add tooltips to application status bar
  • Add procid and trigid to Informix procedures/functions/triggers resultsets order by clause to account for overloaded object names. Remove paramtypes column from procedures resultset sql.
  • Use Windows login user name for Informix user name if the driver returns empty string for SQLGetInfo SQL_USER_NAME
  • Fix crash due to currently usupported interval data types
  • Clear tree item expanded state if it is expanded and has no children on comparison root close
  • Fix flashing of tooltip window where mouse pointer is inside tooltip window
2008-03-31 118*
  • Move items data comparison tab to new Items view
  • Add Allow Multiple Active Statements option to data source setup dialog and by default set to unchecked. Previously the application shared the same connection with multiple active retrieve statements when driver reported support for multiple active statements on a connection in order to reduce number of connections to the data source. However, now this is by default is not enabled. Using separate connections for each active retrieve statement improves retrieve perfomance for drivers that support multiple active statements on the same connection but do not multi-thread the active statements (Oracle ODBC driver, for example). You can revert back to previous bahavior for drivers that support multiple active statements on a connection by checking this box to reduce the number of connections to the data source but possibly resulting in reduced performance depending on the driver.
  • Add Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, etc accelerators for selecting main tabs and list open tabs in Window menu.
  • Add Zero is NULL settings option for comparisons
  • Add support for synchronizing data at the folder level to allow synchronizing data of a group of tables or all tables with one command
  • Add Cut and Paste commands to folder view
  • Add Cut, Paste and Delete commands to items view
  • Add Sort command for sorting tree user folders and workspace items
  • Add Clear Settings command to settings view to reset settings to defaults
  • Build tree virtual folder items in the same order as virtual contents view
  • Sort virtual folder tree items when corresponding contents view user sort criteira changes
  • Set Allow Updates updates property to No when adding a new DBMS comparison to help protect data source 1 data from unintentional updates
  • Add Stop Selected Items command to items view
  • Add Inline Updates Mask updates property to control what updates are performed inline rather than after the resultset is closed since when synchronizing data inline the select resultset is open and block updates if dbms locks table due to the open resultset.
  • Add Compare Selected Items command to items view
  • Fix typo with registry key controlling frequency of application automatic check for updates: "Frequency" instead of "Fequency"
  • Add UI option for controlling frequency of application automatic check for update
  • Add copy command to main tab item context menu
  • Add Identifier Case options to generate sync script dialog
  • Add Right Trim Insignificant Zeros option to generate sync script dialog
  • Add Right Trim Spaces option to generate sync script dialog
  • Limit default column display width to 300 pixels 
  • Restore previous row filter, if changed, for items view when main task stops
  • Fix crash due to clearing task log window for list comparisons opened in new tab and then tab is closed and attempt is made to write to task log from the browser tab
  • Replace View | Explorer command with File | Explore command
  • Trim retrieve buffers on failing to allocate memory for comparison results
  • Fix crash with row filtering where item count is updated incorrectly via timer before primary buffer is cleared
  • Use 15 digits for precision when converting to text values retrieved as double and 7 digits for values retrieved as float.
  • Update Nill Is NULL comparison settings to only treat empty string/NULL value pair as equivalent rather than unconditionally treat all empty strings as NULL values.
  • For pending insert/update timestamp column or when generating sync script for such column use the destination data source column precision for timestamp if the destination column is a timestamp column.
  • Fix bug where child thread is canceled when parent thread is canceled but parent thread disabled checking for cancel condition
  • Fix bug with possible missing notifications from comparison object to its parent object on task cancel/no resultsets
  • Fix bug with items view default sort order/always append default sort order to user sort order
  • Fix bug with leftover status on canceled save/syncrhonize
  • Ignore cancel while executing synchronize post scripts and always execute post script if pre script was executed
  • Application executable is now digitally signed
  • Fix bug with stopping inline comparison the second time around
  • Put back ODBC Admin button on data sources list
  • Fix bug with incorrect detail tabs for explorer main tab when main tab is opened in new tab and its view is not the default view
  • Fix bug with sometimes disabled Edit | Copy where rows are selected
  • Use user where clause, if any, when clearing existing rows when existing rows syncrhonize option is set
  • Use uppercase table name for MS SQL Server INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS when getting column defaults because database may be case-sensitive such as AdventureWorks
  • Fix MS SQL Server repository error with retrieving settings where repository database is case-sensitive
  • Clear results error status from last save updates that caused rows with save errors from previous saves to show in errors row filter
  • Fix issue with grid combobox incorrect display of a user entered value where the value does not exist in the dropdown list causing the text of a partial match that is found for the value in the dropdown list to be dislayed instead of the user value
  • Update tabs to use max label width and draw labels with beginning ellipsis if schema name is part of the label text
  • Fix crash due to comparison search filter when comparison window is reopened with an existing search text filter
  • Rollback to last commit point on delete or update error in case other tables were affected by failed delete/update
  • Create foreign key indices for MS SQL Server, Oracle, ASA, Db2 and PostgreSQL repository tables.
  • Maintain row selection for items view on filter/sort