Change Log
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Date Version Repository Level
2012-12-31 128*
  • Add compare and script table check constraints to supported databases
  • Identify NuoDB data sources
  • Fix crash opening PostgreSQL trigger resultset column due to missing catalog column
  • Trim white space from column default (Oracle retrieved from dbms information schema)
  • Fix select identify column info resultset for PostgreSQL due to change of information schema sequence info data type to character
  • Add pre script to MySQL generated SQL to set session sql_mode='NO_BACKSLASH_ESCAPES'
2012-10-12 127*
  • Add support for MS SQL Server LocalDB. Override LocalDB server name that changes with instance starts with master database physical file location.
  • Update application to Visual Studio 2010
  • Fix issue with application appearing hung when releasing data for a large table comparison. Reduce max size for fixed column buffer from 256 to 128 chars for x64 (same as existing x86 limit) to reduce memory foot print for large tables. Double x64 data buffer mimimum block size.
  • Update SQL_GUID sort order to be the same as MS SQL Server uniqueidentifier
  • Fix incorrect display of max thread properties for items view custom value that is not in the list but partially matches a number in the list. Example, 3 displayed as 32
  • Fix missing profile arguments for copy run schedule command when application profile is not default profile
  • Fix crash comparing ansi and wide char where ansi string is empty
2012-04-19 127*
  • Add missing premission statements for three repository tables that were introduced in release 1.6.5
  • Override MS Access ODBC driver character data types reported as ansi to unicode
2011-11-17 127*
  • Identify Microsoft Access 2010 data sources
  • Identify Microsoft Excel 2010 data sources
  • Add script column as create, add, drop, modify, rename, etc to supported DBMSs
  • Add script primary key as create, drop, etc to supported DBMSs
  • Add script index as create, drop, etc to supported DBMSs
  • Add script user table as create, drop, truncate/delete for most supported DBMSs
  • Add Clear Key settings command
  • Add support for using currently selected column items for open item commands
  • Add support for saving selected column items as documents
  • Add support for generating sql insert/update script for Oracle where sql string literal is longer than 4000 characters
  • Add Fixed Char option to generate sync script right trim options
  • Fix MS SQL Server numeric() identity and decimal() identity column view data type name for create column
  • Fix Db2 clob, blob, dbclob, for bit data displayed column data type for create column
  • Fix Firebird blob displayed column data type for create column
  • Switch Primary Key/Index view order
  • Restore focus to script as dropdown when it gets re-enabled if dropdown has focus and the script as selection has not yet been scripted (gets disabled) and focus did not change
  • Fix crash on script column as xml where table has identity column but there is no template for selecting identity column info (SQLite, Access)
  • Update script constraint as name from create to add
  • Account for 'begin tran|transaction|work' when parsing sql statement
  • Implement workaround for Ingres ODBC driver not returning PK_NAME column in resultset description for SQLPrimaryKeys when table does not have a primary key
  • Save hidden lines due to folding on saving text view text
  • Move Settings submenu to bottom of parent context menu
  • Fix issue with save item file name where item key has large number of trailing spaces
  • Fix disabled copy of text for synchronized but not yet re-retrieved item
  • Add workaround for MySQL ODBC driver 3.51.29 returning 0 instead of 10 for SQL_DESC_NUM_PREC_RADIX for SQL_DECIMAL and SQL_NUMERIC causing crash due to incorrect column size reported by driver
  • Add workaround for MySQL ODBC driver 3.51.29 returning data max length instead of column size for SQL_DESC_LENGTH for character/binary columns
  • Display specific data type name for MySQL tiny, medium, long text/blob
  • Fix displayed data type name for Postgres longvarchar varchar column
  • Add fix for MySQL column default retrieved from information missing literal prefix/suffix
  • Fix issue with second list getting its horizontal scroll position reset on row filter
  • Fix performance issue with comparing Sybase triggers
  • Add KEY_WOW64_64KEY to opening registry machine key to allow using same site/enterprise license entry with 32-bit version of the app running on 64-bit Windows
  • Omit constraint name when scripting add foreign constraint where constraint is system-named
  • Ensure generates sql sync script summary is ordered alphabetically by table name
  • Return table, system table, and view for Sybase table types as Sybase ODBC driver does not return any table types
  • Add application shortcut icon to desktop on installation
  • Include prebuilt Firebird repository database with installer to allow using the application after first install without having to create the Firebird embedded repository from new database
2011-09-02 126*
  • Add statement separator option to user scripts
  • Maintain focus on main tab view change; set initial focus for main tab views
  • Add history to main tab view (Back/Forward)
  • Add script trigger as commands to script trigger as create/drop/enable/disable as applicable for supported DBMSs
  • Add support for copy/save text as JSON
  • Add support for copy/save text as XML
  • Update embedded Firebird 32-bit client to version 2.0.6
  • Update Postgres trigger resultset to use 9.0 tgconstraint rather than 8.x tgisconstraint
  • Fix mismatch in integer/big integer for column size for x64
  • Fix bug with clearing item default script, if any, on editing pre/post update scripts
  • Clear user message filter, if any, on starting repository wizard action
  • Remove product version from installation folder and Start Menu folder
  • Fix issue with changing main view on main tab selection change
  • Fix JavaScript iframe error writing comparison as html for Chrome
2011-07-20 125*
  • Update included Firebird ODBC driver to version 151 (fixes issue with using embedded repository on x64 Windows)
  • Fix issue with combined sql synch script file having BOM before the start of merged part files where part file is unicode
  • Fix invalid cursor state error when synchronizing SQL Server data and table has an after trigger causing a pending resultset to be generated for the insert/delete/update by SQL Server
  • Increase limit for dynamic columns from 128 to 256 on x64
2010-06-10 125*
  • Add SQLite compare trigger support
  • Add support for hosting application repository on Apache Derby
  • Add support for reseeding identity column when synchronizing data
  • Add Scripts 1/Script 2 views and output script statement results to messages view
  • Fix issue with IBM Db2 ODBC DRIVER returning no rows for Derby table types
  • Fix crash opening Find/Replace window when there is a rectangular selection
  • Add support for Informix Serial8/Bigserial (ODBC data type SQL_INFX_BIGINT)
  • Fix crash sorting rows where row selection is incorrectly kept but now for place-holder row(s)
  • Warn on driver check/support for row bind offset max one time per run (Excel ODBC driver)
  • Check for cancel while retrieving long data in parts to account for drivers that return SQL_NO_TOTAL for SQLGetData causing the application to take a long time to retrieve large long data
  • Release SQLGetData temp buffers on reaching end of resultset/error/cancel
  • Account for Oracle 64-bit ODBC driver incorrectly returning (SQLINTEGER) -1 instead of (SQLLEN) -1 for SQLRowCount when determining number of rows affected by sql statement
  • Fix out of memory error on clicking DBMS dropdown toolbar button caused by using the same key for 32-bit and 64-bit DBMS comparison MRU lists when 32-bit and 64-bit version of the app are used on the same machine
  • Check for reference count when user deletes a script
  • Fix bug with changing query side/where clause and explorer/non-explorer tabs are open for the item
  • Add Refresh support to queries and where clause comboboxes
  • Draw non-editable properties text item as disabled text
  • Add option to draw login ID icon in item title and add tooltips to item title fields
  • Fix grid tooltip where tooltip does not appear for cell or adjacent cells
  • Increase Db2 repository script text column CLOB size from default 10M to 100M
  • Fix issue with disappearing Excel udpates due to code path that skipped calling ::SQLDisconnect before freeing connection handles
  • Do not allow column that is part of comparison actual key to be excluded from updates until pending key column changes are applied and column is no longer part of the comparison key
  • Display comparison sides horizontally by default; update initial app window size/position to fit better on screen
  • Display column size in column comparison as unsigned number
  • Display column size instead of blank in settings view for long text and long binary
  • Fix text editor default line ending from LF to CR/LF
  • Update workspace tree ctrl to use Windows default text font
  • Identify ITTIA DB and Empress data sources
  • Fix bug with DBMS MRU list sometimes deleting first item
  • Fix bug data source set up DSN combobx is not restored to last new item
  • Update repository wizard to run tasks in worker thread
  • Process message queue messages while opening more than one item in main tab so application would not appear non-responsive on Windows 7
  • Add Alt+D shortcut to access item bar (combobox/edit) for an item
  • Add workaround for MS SQL Server ODBC driver returning incorrect info for update/delete rule for foreign key constraint where the rule is set null/set default
  • Add workaround for Oracle ODBC driver returning delete rule null for foreign key constraint defined with delete rule set null
  • Use default system font for sql, xml and text views
  • Update Oracle stored procedure list resultset to exclude TRIGGER from all_source (Oracle 11)
  • Call close query on closing comparison root
  • Fix possible crash on disconnecting/changing repository when there are active tasks
2010-03-01 124*
  • Add support for date/time interval data types. Currently only Informix and Mimer SQL ODBC drivers return ODBC-compliant results for interval data types
  • Add support for Replace/Replace All to text editor find dialog
  • Add Make Uppercase and Make Lowercase commands to advanced edit menu 
  • Add Comment and Uncomment Selection commands to advanced edit menu
  • Add support for scheduling/running folder-level generate sync script command from the command line
  • Work around MaxDB ODBC driver issues to allow using driver for comparing data
  • Display status message, progress bar and busy icon/hourglass when logging all pending messages on clearing messages due to task start since if there is a large number of pending messages to be logged, the UI thread will not be responsive until all pending messages are logged; allow user to cancel logging remaining unlogged pending messages by presssing Esc key.
  • Display line numbers for messages view by default
  • Display echoed sql statement text with original line end characters in messages view
  • Log echoed sql that result in error to appear before error details in log 
  • Remove comments when executing MS Access script (Access driver does not support comments when executing sql)
  • Fix possible crash with deallocating statement maps used in synchronizing data
  • Account for data sources that are not transaction capable when synchronizing data (Advantage StreamSQL ODBC driver, for example)
  • Do not use parameter bind offsets when synchronizing data if data source supports parameter bind offsets but not for prepared sql (Oracle ODBC driver) to allow using prepared sql for better performance.
  • Fix bug with columns 1/2 all filtering where comparison has not been performed
  • Add tooltip detail to comparison row, column and object counters
  • Use theme font for application owner-drawn text or default font for Windows classic
  • Unlink table column comparison from data comparison to allow refreshing table column comparison directly without having to refresh table data comparison.
  • Use Windows Explorer theme for workspace tree on Windows Vista and above
  • Add Open File command to query and script editor
  • Add *.txt and All Files (*.*) filters to text save as dialog filter
  • Do not stop fetching rows on fetch error when in worker thread to allow retrieving rows that can be fetched with no error
  • Add Fit Headers command and update fit command accelerators to use Shift modifier to signify all columns
  • Rename settings Dec (decimal digits) column to Scale
  • Add middle mouse button click accelerator to close tab command
  • Fix issue with detaching owned windows (properties grids, etc) on destroying owner window rather than when owner window is detached from main tab ctrl
  • Remove space between progress percent done number and percent sign
  • Fix bug with editor selecting too little/too much text on Find Next when searching using regular expression; add Look In dopdown to Find dialog to allow search in selection, if any, or entire document.
  • Update Fit commands accelerators from Y to I since Ctrl+Y is used by text editor for Undo command
  • Do not search hidden text when using Find/Find Next commands 
  • Update text component from Scintilla 1.74 to 2.02
  • Add Repository Info command to application status bar context menu to allow hiding repository information from application status bar. Append repository info to UI thread state icon when connected to application repository and repository info is not displayed on the application status bar
  • Remove num lock, scroll and caps indicators from the application status bar and add Ln/Rw and Col panes for displaying current line/row and column for text editor or list display that currently has focus.
  • Extend File | Save command to saving where clause, query or script without necessarily checking the sql for the item in contrast to Check SQL command
  • Fix crash with exploring/opening New1/New2 where resultset info for New1/New2 item is cleared previously incorrectly when parent comparison has no items
  • Add Exclude from Updates counter to main properties column counters
  • Move item schedules properties to their own properties tab
  • Fix crash where data source connection keep limit is zero and dataobject is constructed with transaction
  • Fix bug where synchronize items data scheduler task uses FK constraint/Existing Rows default rather than user updates properties
  • Fix bug where tooltip is displayed only the first time for cells on the same line
  • Display cell text and corresponding cell text for difference cell tooltip text
  • Display cell text and original cell text for pending update cell tooltip
  • Fix bug with determining comparison default key where a comparison eligible unique index is not used if comparison has primary keys but primary keys are not usable
  • Log item(s) error message when comparing columns at folder level and item(s) were not retrieved due to errors
  • Use bold rather than semibold font for main tab current item label and overridden properties attributes
  • Fix issue with Sybase generate sync script and error getting column data type literal prefix/suffix due to SQLGetTypeInfo and transaction
  • Fix bug with copy/generate sync sql and duplicate quoting of string initial value
  • Fix bug with initial value for matched ignored column to require stamp for insert
  • Fix bug with setting stamp indicator for a matched column on refresh settings/matching column
2009-11-28 123
  • Update UI to be dpi-aware to allow using application on higher than 96 dpi setting without scaling in Windows Vista/7
  • Update application to use the system ANSI codepage rather than ASCII (US-en) codepage. Application now supports ANSI database objects that use locale's code page extended characters in their name.
  • Add Rows Per Insert Statement option to generate sync script options to allow scripting multiple rows in one sql insert statement 
  • Add accelerators for item view commands
  • Add support for generating sync script at folder level
  • Add support for storing license info at local machine registry key (Site/Enterprise licenses)
  • Allow disabling application automatic check for update at the machine level registry entry
  • Update generate sync script/save updates as and folder level synchronize titles to display target data source server name
  • Fix issue with possible deadlock/skipping last item when synchronizing folder items and last item is already active
  • Update messages pane workspace item link click behavior to open item in its own tab rather than open item in explorer tab
  • Update generate sync script combined file ordering of sql statement to (insert, update, delete) instead of (delete, insert, update) to be the same ordering as synchronizing data at folder level using multiple passes.
  • Add persistent command to hide application menu (like IE8) to maximize vertical display space available for user data
  • Do not display shutdown status image in application status bar for shutdown scheduling
  • Update accelerator for Close All DBMS Comparison command from Alt+Shift+W to Ctrl+Alt+W because Windows uses Alt+Shift key binding by default for switching between input languages where user has more one language enabled in regional settings causing the alt key to appear as not working due to inadventently switching input languages on composing the old accelerator key stroke
  • Add popup menu to application toolbar/status bar areas to allow hiding menu/toolbar/lower tab/status bar
  • Make show application statusbar option persistent
  • Add End of Line option to script constraints as options dialog
  • Use CR/LF instead of LF for script constraint as command XML output line end
  • Use CR/LF instead of LF by default for line end for generate sync script command and add End of Line option to generate sync script command
  • Use CR/LF instead of LF to terminate messages view lines
  • Handle/warn about end of string characters in sql literals when generating sql script
  • Fix bug with displaying LF replacement character instead of end of string replacement character for unicode column
  • Fix display not immediately refereshed on Show Null command 
  • Update NULL display to display <NULL> instead of Ø
  • Update html help style sheet to use relative font sizes; add Forward and Font buttons to html viewer toolbar
  • Show Items view Canceled, Error counters only if counter is not zero and counter is not part of row filter 
  • Fix bug where items view subtask gets canceled by opening and closing the subtask item in a new tab and then closing the new tab.
  • Add tooltip support to owner-draw grid cells whose text is not completely visible
  • Add progress column to items view
  • Add command line option to mirror UI to provide some support for right-to-left locales
  • Use .sys.sql_modules instead of .syscomments for retrieving SQL Server 2005/2008 triggers and stored procedure text. Add support for SQL Server Azure. 
  • Fix issue with SQL Server 2K join not including constraint catalog/schema when getting fk constraint status
  • Add Compare Filter Items command to items view
  • Add Recompare command to main tab/list context menu if recompare is applicable
  • Add Show In Folder command to message log file link commands
  • Fix bug with saving updates progress count not being rolled back on rolling back update to last commit point
  • Add Filter On <text> command to items view
  • Fix severe UI performance issue with inline comparison where buffer size is very small and there are many rows to keep
  • Update items view sync items task to not start items that have already been compared and have no differences and their objects were discarded unless restart option is checked
  • Update generate sync script preview and script dialog to dismiss dialog by pressing the escape key if script task is not active, otherwise escape key is used as an accelerator to stop the script task; Add Esc accelerator to script as tool window
  • Fix issue with script/script as dialog where toolbar may not get updated automatically to reflect the end of script execution
  • Use worker thread to cancel executing sql to avoid locking up UI
  • Update testing for Caché ODBC 3.5 driver
  • Fix possible crash refreshing tables comparison where a new item is open and its parent New1/New2 item is not open