Change Log
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Date Version Repository Level
2022-05-10 2.5.5 144*
  • Open DBMS comparisons in the background.
2022-04-15 2.5.3 144*
  • Application is now free for comparing data and metadata.
  • Add parse as Text comparison option to ignore white space when comparing text data.
  • Add display options for counter zero display and inherited property display.
  • Fix UI not responding on display of row counter tooltip for very large resultsets.
  • Fix crash on change of filter on text when there is a user sort order.
  • Fix not restoring comparison user sort.
  • Fix crash comparing parse as SQL data where other side data is an empty string.
  • Identify Citus, Exasol, Percona Server for MySQL 8 and Raima Database Manager data sources.
  • Add expand button to unopened comparison roots to allow opening a comparison root by expanding its item.
  • Add detailed version info when available for DBMS.
2022-03-18 2.5.1 143*
  • Add right trim char inheritable item-level updates property to allow right trim all char values on insert/update for an item or group of items.
  • Add script column as primary key, alternate key, index and unique index to extended support DBMSs.
  • Fix UI not responding on open/explore a comparison due to one of the sides dbms being not responsive or is slow to retrieve object metadata.
  • Add script column as drop/set not null for Firebird.
  • Add collation and custom type name to Snowflake column comparison.
  • Add support for Teradata metadata including table/column check constraints, triggers and stored procedure/functions.
  • Fix SAP Adaptive Server identity insert on/off due to driver not reporting SQL_DESC_AUTO_UNIQUE_VALUE info.
  • Commit inserts/updates earlier than commit interval when batch out of row data size is larger than 10 MB.
  • Exclude generated always as identity columns from inserts and updates.
  • Add support for Oracle and PostreSQL identity columns.
  • Add support for CockroachDB, TiDB and YugabyteDB.
  • Identify Citus data sources.
  • Identify ClickHouse data sources.
  • Identify CrateDB data sources.
  • Identify dBASE data sources.
  • Identify MongoDB data sources.
  • Identify SAP IQ data sources.
  • Identify Google Sheets data sources.
  • Identify InterSystems IRIS data sources.
  • Add sequences and triggers metadata for MonetDB.
  • Update InterBase support and use InterBase ODBC driver.
  • Prompt user to save changes on close data source setup dialog.
  • Hide folder contents extra columns by default.
  • Hide table column comparison item and table IDs by default.
  • Ignore index comparison cardinality and pages by default.
  • Fix make lowercase/uppcase accelerator in script dialog.
  • Check available memory before attempting to reserve a large number of rows for retrieval.
  • Increase memory allocation block minimum size for better pefromance.
  • Allow ',' in addition to '.' as decimal separator when converting decimal/numeric data retrieved as text for comparing.
  • Fix thousands separator for France/France locale.
  • Fix editor replace all regular expressions with start/end of line.
  • Add support for Db2 DBCLOB data type.
  • Fix comparison root not found error on startup from command line.
2021-12-04 2.4.1 142*
  • Add timestamp precision advanced comparison property to allow comparing timestamps/datetime between databases with different max timestamp precision and round or truncate to a desired precision.
  • Add SQL char right trim inheritable advanced property to allow setting right trim sql char data at comparison root/item level or at column level.
  • Add tooltip to generated save as html column headers.
  • Add shortcut keys to row and column filter commands.
  • Add support for comparing binary to character data types.
  • Restore items view detail row count colors.
  • Fix MySQL 5.x script table as create.
  • Swap Show Filter On and Filter On Text shortcut keys.
  • Fix editor folding for xml script.
  • Fix editor typing into rectangular selection.
  • Restore main tab items last view on reopening DBMS comparison.
  • Retry saving updates on dead connection.
  • Allow to select item text without holding down the shift key if the item is not a selectable item.
  • Identify Databricks data sources (Spark SQL).
  • Add support for Informix BLOB and CLOB data types.
  • Add generated by, codepage and collation name to Db2 table columns comparison.
  • Add character set and collation to SAP ASE table columns comparison.
  • Add close other DBMS comparisons shortcut with middle mouse click while holding down the shift key.
  • Allow select all in tables view where all the items are new/missing with at least one new item.
  • UI display and editor fixes.
2021-10-12 2.3.1 141*
  • Add toolbar with stop, save and test connection buttons to data source setup dialog.
  • Add scroll support to grid views.
  • Identify SingleStore data sources.
  • Update stop task shortcut key from Esc to Ctrl+Break.
  • Add shortcut key to Filter On item text command.
  • Expand/collapse a grid category by clicking anywhere on the category.
  • Disable grid dropdown list mouse wheel scroll.
  • Add fix for MySQL ODBC Driver 8.00.0026 incorrectly reporting MySQL supports schemas.
  • Display driver info on second line for dbms icon tooltip.
  • Bug fixes.
2021-09-09 2.2.2 141*
  • Update application code page to UTF-8. Requires Windows Version 1903 (May 2019 Update) and above.
  • Add character set and collation info to table column comparison for select DBMSs.
  • Add Load SQL command to scripts views to load a sql file statement by statement.
  • Update Scintilla text editor to latest 5.1.1 version.
  • Update Firebird database to latest Firebird 4 version.
  • Update generated sql script, save as html and xml to use UTF-8 encoding.
2021-07-14 2.1.2 140*
  • Add support for drag and drop.
  • Add keep sorted workspace command.
  • Add reopen last closed DBMS comparison command.
2021-05-25 2.0.22 140*
  • Add support for high-dpi monitors.
  • Update minimum Windows requirement from Windows XP SP3 to Windows 10.
  • Add support for Oracle pluggable databases.
  • Add support for MariaDB.
  • Add support for Snowflake data sources.
  • Add support for Google BigQuery data sources.
  • Add support for Amazon Redshift data sources.
  • Add table check constraints support for MySQL 8 and MariaDB.
  • Add script Microsoft SQL server default constraints.
  • Add support for retrieving and comparing SQL Server SQL_VARIANT data type.
  • Add support for SQL Server 2012 and above sequences.
  • Add support for two additonal diff apps commands.
  • Add Edit and Clear column content type commands.
  • Add Close Other DBMS Comparisons command.
  • Add workspace blank area popup menu.
  • Add Non key column counters to comparison main properties.
  • Display comparison key image in comparison headers.
  • Add settings menu items to column counters popup menu.
  • Add support for resultsets with number of rows greater than 4G.
  • Add middle mouse click support to add/remove counter filter.
  • Add support for tab ctrl horizontal scroll using mouse wheel.
  • Include schema prefix by default, if applicable, in copy as/save rows as sql command output. Hold down the shift key when executing the command to not include schema prefix in the generated sql.
  • Add insert nulls option to generate sync script.
  • Add script table column as drop/set default/not null for extended support DBMSs.
  • Add support for drop table option clause (restrict/cascade) for supported DBMSs.
  • Add go back/forward handling using mouse buttons, if any.
  • Uniquely identify Oracle data source server with the instance service name.
  • Support multiple instances of MySQL on the same server by uniquely identifying data source server with MySQL server_uuid.
  • Support multiple instances of MariaDB, PostreSQL on the same server by uniquely identifying data source server with port number in addition to host name.
  • Fix saving binary column data as binary data when opening column data in external diff apps.
  • Update Microsoft SQL Server repository tables to use datetime2 instead of datetime datatype to work with recent MS ODBC drivers that do not correctly bind datetime parametes column size/precision.
  • Update Microsoft SQL Server minimum supported version for hosting application repository to SQL Server 2008.
  • Update save comparison as html.
  • Add Low, Medium and High max active property to items view.
  • Fix issue with shrunken toolbars on re-login to windows.
  • Update meta-data comparisons max active implicit property from Very High to Medium.
  • Update default commit interval from 1000 to 100 (1 for MS Access).
  • Update support for Microsoft Access, Excel and text latest office ODBC drivers.
  • Fix opening ODBC Administrator from data source setup dialog.
  • Update support for Mimer SQL latest ODBC driver.
  • Identify SAP HANA data sources.
  • Update support for SAP Advantage Database Server.
  • Update support for FileMaker.
  • Fix Failed to launch help when no tab is open.
  • Update counter format to display thousands separator for the locale.
  • Fix display of NULL values.
  • Faster sort of large resultsets.
  • Fix crash deleting sort properties grid item.
  • Add Reserving Rows status.
  • Add 2 cell properties support.
  • Fix slow UI updates with long running tasks.
  • Add status bar to main scripts view.
  • Add execute selected text command to scripts view.
  • Fix copy/paste workspace item label where item label is being edited.
  • Fix updating item name in dropdown list on save when both item name and item detail have changed.
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements.
  • Fix counter tooltip display for unicode values.