Change Log
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2009-08-06 122
  • Add Script Constraint As command to FK comparisons to allow scripting constraint(s) as create, drop, enable, disable (as applicable) and XML for most databases
  • Add exported foreign key comparison view to table views
  • Add support for comparing Ingres 9.2 column defaults, sequences, stored procedures and rules
  • Add support for comparing Pervasive SQL 10 triggers and stored procedures/functions (long metadata V2)
  • Add support for hosting application repository on Ingres 9.2 
  • Add Count Unique Differences settings command to count unique differences for a comparison column. Display unique differences for a column, if any, following the differences count in the column header and properties row summary. Display first few unique differences in tooltip for unique differences counter and for a difference value.
  • Take into account foreign key constraint disabled status when determining depedencies for synchronizing folder data for DBMSs that supported disabling foreign key constraints (MS SQL Server, Oracle, Db2 and Informix IDS)
  • Add inherited foreign key constraint handling option to updates properties to allow user to ignore foreign keys, disable/enable foreign keys as necessary (MS SQL Server, Oracle, Db2 and Informix IDS), or drop/re-create foreign keys as necessary for most other DBMSs where foreign key is self-referential or is part of a dependency cycle.
  • Update workspace sort order to place user folders at the end of sorted workspace items
  • Fix Sybase folder-level metadata comparison error due to transaction in catalog function call
  • Allow copy and add to workspace commands for selected metadata detail rows
  • Fix delay (Working) in starting virtual folder metadata comparison due to initializing virtual items
  • Account for Ingres ODBC driver returning table types in lowercase
  • Replace CR/LF when saving comparison as html with line break tags
  • Fix incorrect text for folder list popup menu Cut menu item
  • Fix issue with displaying procedure source code for overloaded Informix and PostgreSQL procedure/function
  • (internal) Group registry entries for repository wizard by data source number or dbms code
  • Remove filtered counter(s) from properties grid and replace with displaying number of filtered items in grid group header
  • Add self reference column to foreign key comparison resultset
  • Set Active as the default row filter for items view compare/synchronize tasks
  • Fix inconsistent ordering of items view synchronize task items where items belong to more than one schema
  • Execute 'ALTER SESSION SET cursor_sharing=FORCE' on connecting to Oracle 10 and above when using DataDirect driver (in addition to Oracle ODBC driver) to improve catalog function performance (does not help DataDirect driver with exported FK).
  • Fix issue with display not getting updated on ignore/unignore object command
  • Fix issue with removing but not deleting comparison root from workspace on deleting one its data sources
  • Allow opening comparison root by double-clicking on its item in workspace. Update double-click behavior for workspace items to expand/collapse item rather than open item is a new tab if the item is a user folder or virtual folder
  • Fix issue with where clause not displayed for explorer tab due to create on demand
  • Fix issue with header text and type info tooltip not appearing on seperate lines occasionally
  • Do not lock comparison settings when recomparing column data due to comparison setting change
  • Do not add row to pending inserts when inserts are disabled for a data comparison side but all rows were selected (some eligible updates) and then sync left/right command is invoked.
  • Do not execute sqlforeignkeys to determine dependencies when synchronizing folder data and data source does not support SQLForeignKeys (MS Access ODBC driver, for example).
  • Fix bug with missing some fk constraints when determining dependencies for synchronizing folder data 
  • Fix bug where difference column numbers has not changed due to comparison key change recompare and the old difference columns displayed in main properties are not refreshed
  • Fix issue with garbled grid display on first open of resizable grid parent dialog
  • Use separate file for x64 application check for update
  • Update application minimum OS requirement from Windows XP to Windows XP SP3 since application now uses msxml6
2009-05-02 121
  • Add Ignore Object command to allow excluding objects from items view and folder-level metadata comparisons where the objects are not of interest but pass the main comparison name LIKE pattern filter.
  • Add messages history and filter to messages view and display workspace items as links in messages view.
  • Add native support for 64-bit Windows. 64-bit version of the application is now available in addition to 32-bit version. See x64
  • Add search support to items view and add filtered counter. Add close button to search box
  • Add mini toolbar to main tab with Active Tabs button and Close button
  • Add Up One Level command
  • Add foreign key enabled/disabled status for MS SQL Server, Oracle, Db2 and Informix foreign key comparison resultset
  • Add basic support for hosting application repository on Informix IDS 11.5 (non-ANSI)
  • Fix possible memory leak determining items eligible for restart on synchronization
  • Change default to display schema name for object name where object schema name is the same or different; display titles at top rather than at bottom by default and not side by side and don't display title item icon.
  • Support using DataDirect Oracle ODBC driver for hosting application repository on Oracle
  • Display progress ctrl for repository wizard actions
  • Fix bug with not removing scheduled task from inactive/shutdown maps on detaching schedule
  • Use separate saved row filter for items view synchronize task
  • Fix incorrect text alignment for SQL_TINYINT 
  • Warn about using unsupported MySQL 5.01.05 and earlier MySQL 5.x drivers
  • Update Firebird embedded dbms to version 2.0.5
  • Update Firebird ODBC driver to build 148. Firebird ODBC driver build 148 dll name has changed to odbcfb.dll whereas in build 142 of the driver the dll name is odbcfb32.dll. If you have a previous build of the Firebird ODBC driver (such as build 142 from a previous CompareData release) the Firebird build 148 installer does not remove the older odbcfb32.dll from the Windows system directory and you must update any Firebird ODBC data sources you have previously set up to use build 148 by making no change edit to the ODBC data source using ODBC Administrator. No change is needed for CompareData internal <Embedded Repository> data source to use the odbcfb.dll instead of odbcfb32.dll.
  • Improve performance of initializing items in items view for Firebird repository
  • Fix performance issue populating virtual folder where folder is already expanded
  • Fix bug with incorrect application exit code on command line run exit
  • Do not clear repository data source on failing to connect to repository executing command line run.
  • Disable user prompts if the application is started with -m command line option (minimized to Windows notification area for internal scheduling) or as a run command (external scheduling) except for commands executed directly by the user from the UI.
  • Allow using single or double quotes to quote command line arguments
  • Include repository, if data source is used as repository, and DBMS comparisons connection counts when displaying number of current connections to a data source in the data source edit dialog
  • Fix unnecessary sorting of virtual folder on contents row filtering
  • Fix Select All for New 1/New 2 contents view
  • Use the number of client machine cpu cores when determining the initial default value for items view max threads property.
  • Add Copy command to counters context menu
  • Add error checking for failing to create windows due to user opening large number of main tabs since Windows application default limit is 10,000 user objects.
  • Create windows on demand, if possible, to allow user to open more main tabs and use less Windows user object handles
  • Add Close Tabs To The Right and Close All But Explorer Tab commands to main tab context menu
  • Open tab next to current tab rather than at the end of tabs if tab is being opened from a main tab 
  • Clear DBMS comparison open state when closing by Close All DBMS Comparisons command
  • Fix possible crash with populating virtual folder due to recompare
  • Get Informix column defaults from system catalog
  • Fix locking issue where virtual folder is refreshed by user and its items view synchronize data task is running.
  • Close items view objects in worker threads and use separate worker thread for each compare/synchronize item task.
  • Fix repository PK error setting items view row filter for new items comparison and shared settings cmp type PK error.
  • Check for unhandled exceptions on executing sql,  connecting to data source
  • Reduce flashing/flicker on resizing main window
  • Fix possible missing schema separator for main tab item label. Fix possible too wide main tab label for item opened in its own tab
  • Log first 20 messages per message type for a command line run to Windows event log in addition to logging to application repository
  • Add application version number to Windows event log application source name
  • Fix possible crash with items view sorting while main task is in progress and a row filter is present
  • Qualify Informix system catalog tables/views with informix schema name to account for ANSI informix databases
  • Use dropdown rather than dropdown list for tables filter schema grid item to allow user to enter schema name where driver does not return schema list for data source