Change Log
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Date Version Repository Level
2022-11-04 2.6.1 145*
  • Identify temporal tables system versioning columns for SQL Server, MariaDB, SAP HANA and Teradata.
  • Add metadata script as support for Teradata.
  • Add metadata script as support for SAP HANA.
  • Add support for hosting application repository on SAP HANA.
  • Add script column as drop/set default, drop/set not null and clear/set collation for SQL Server.
  • Add collate clause for SQL Server script column as add/create.
  • Add script foreign key as create index to supported databases.
  • Add script table as Create Insert Trigger for Sequence for Firebird, Oracle and SAP HANA.
  • Display name pattern filter, if any, when displaying tables/view comparison in the workspace.
  • Add mouse accelerators to open item actions.
  • Allow initiating select text range for displays that also support drag & drag by doing the initial drag without a delay in addition to holdig down the shift key.
  • Add Go To Line/Col command to go to line and/or column in text view.
  • Add navigate to next and previous error commands for the messages text view.
  • Add support for Firebird 4 identity columns.
  • Use Read Committed transaction isolation level by default, if possible, rather than driver default isolation level.
  • Start a new transaction when re-using an existing connection whose isolation level is repeatable read or serializable (Teradata, for example).
  • Override Firebird ODBC driver column default due to driver returning NULL string for null column default.
  • Add missing vertical scrollbar to scripts views.
  • Add workaround for MySQL ODBC driver issue 103664 where driver may reference deallocated memory getting SQL_DESC_TYPE_NAME info.
  • Add workaround for MySQL ODBC driver issue 105332 where driver does not return correct decimal digits for timestamp, datetime and time data type columns.
  • Display NULL value in italic font.
  • Update editor caret width to be dpi-aware.
  • Do not add quotes to MySQL possibly unquoted default literal.
  • Do not lose text selection on right-click in text selection without holding down the shift key.
  • Revert comment sql line to comment entire line.
  • Update line comment for MySQL to include a space after the second dash.
  • Check for dead connection on load/execute script and try to restablish connection.
  • Limit size of logged sql to 4K.
  • Display where clause names in workspace in gray text.
  • Display where clause name, if any, in view title.
  • Do not read from MSysAccessStorage system table for an mdb Access database.
  • Resort item list on rename query, where clause, script, etc.
  • Fix properties display info sometime out of sync with object properties.
  • Fix error updating sync schedule for an item.
  • Update Firebird to
  • Allow opening edit ellipses with middle click or click+alt in addition to clicking on the ellipses button.
  • Display combobox dropdown list with mouse middle click or Click+Alt.
  • Identify 4D, Airtable, Alibaba PolarDB, Altibase, AWS DynamoDB, Cassandra, Azure Cosmos DB for NoSQL, Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL, Cloudant/CouchDB, Cubrid, Dolt, DuckDB, Google Spanner, MarkLogic, Neo4j, PlanetScale MySQL Vitess, Redis and Vertica data sources.
  • Add DBMS icon for Pervasive PSQL data sources.
  • Quote Access identifiers that have a slash (`State/Province` for example).
  • Add support for data type name for MySQL enum and set.
  • Add support for data type name for Informix set, multiset, list and row.
  • Add support for MonetDB table script as delete, truncate and foreign key add and drop.
  • Fix reseting elapsed time on items view filter items.
  • Update Scintilla text editor to 5.3.0 version.
  • Update save as html images from gif to 64x64 png format.
  • Display text change history indicators in text editor margin and optionally in text for editable text views.
  • Fix issue where removed and then added back resultset columns are defaulting to ignore when a comparison is performed before and after the columns were removed.
  • Remove toolbar from lower tab SQL view.
  • Fix UI not responsive on very large number of errors being logged.
  • Add dialog icons to generate sync script and synchronize dialogs per target side.
  • Convert SQL Server datetimeoffset to UTC for comparing.
  • Update comparing timestamp to text to parse text as ISO 8601/SQL Server datetimeoffset format.
  • Always prompt user on Load SQL command.
  • Adaptive Server Enterprise fix character columns collation name info.
  • Update Firebird new repository database page size from 8K to 16K (new installs only).
  • Color-code tables and folder side images.
  • Add All Differences row filter command and shortcut.
  • Set connection isolation level to repeatable read, if available, for target of inline comparison sync data retrieve connection if all update types are to be saved inline.
  • Fix unable to enter text for inline custom order by clause.
  • Update float and double default display precision number of digits from 7 and 15 to 9 and 17, respectively, to help show differences where differences are past the 7 and 15 decimal digits.
  • Also apply right trim char advanced property to updates where clause columns.