Change Log
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Date Version Repository Level
2007-11-14 117*
  • Add Synchronize command to allow synchronizing table data at table level with options for pre/post synchronization sql scripts
  • Add column default to table column comparison
  • Add Clear Pending Deletes/Inserts/Updates commands
  • Add Clear Comparison command 
  • Add Copy As command to allow copying selected text/selected rows to clipboard as tab-delimited text, CSV, or SQL delete/insert/update statements.
  • Add max characters per item option for Save As HTML application options to limit item text when saving comparison as HTML
  • Application installer file is now digitally signed
  • Account for NULL where clause column values when generating delete/update sync script or synchronizing data.
  • Rollback to last commit point for each insert error when synchronizing data in case other tables were affected by failed insert
  • Use updates properties where clause key when saving synchonized deletes rather than defaulting to PK/AK
  • Add support for inheriting update properties (Updatable, commit interval and error limit) from parent item and display overridden inheritable properties in bold.
  • Warn user when comparing without a comparison key
  • Fix bug with recomparing an inline comparison due to comparison key change
  • Fix memory leak with pending updates grid label/counter
  • Fix memory leak with popup menus and save as HTML images
  • Check for no error information returned by driver on sql errror. Example, Oracle ODBC driver and inserting into varchar2 column where source column data type is SQL_GUID
  • Update inline comparison counters after each batch comparison is complete rather than when each individual row comparison is performed.
  • Check for memory allocation failure when reserving comparison resultset vectors
  • Fix sometimes missing list rows when a tables comparison node is expanded and is set as the current node when dbms comparison is reopened.
  • Fix sporadic crash with refreshing comparison settings
  • Move ODBC Admin button from data source list dialog to data source setup dialog
  • Update some windows to use middle of window for context menu displayed using shift+F10 if relevant position is not in view
  • Restore support for Windows Classic theme to allow application to be used on Windows Server 2003 where themes service is disabled by default.
  • Add counters for deleted/inserted/updated rows
  • Add refresh support for main properties object list filters
  • Update Exporer tab to display current  item name as tab label
  • Improve performance of populating virtual tree nodes (tables comparison, for example).
  • Update list item tooltip to display multi-line tooltip
  • Add status, created, last_ddl_time, timestamp and object_id columns to Oracle procedures, sequences and triggers comparison resultsets
  • Add support for converting string to timestamp when comparing where date and time parts of the string are separated with one colon (example, Oracle all_objects.timestamp column value 2007-06-16:09:46:42) 
  • Fix error getting catalog functions resultsets for MySQL where 'schemata' was used as dummy schema instead of dummy catalog
  • Implement workaround for MySQL ODBC driver 3.51.21 incorrect info for sql union support
  • Fix redraw issue with deleting main tab preceding item where main tab scrollbar is present
2007-08-28 116
  • Add UI thread indicator to application status bar
  • Add comment style option to  Generate Sync Script dialog to handle DBMSs that do not support line comment starting at first position in line (Ingres, Access, etc)
  • Display message that detail is not available or no column pass column filter when comparison display has no column to show
  • Support comparing guid and character data type columns
  • Add tooltip support to list items and headings
  • Add Search command to comparison resultsets
  • Add Find In Settings command to find a column settings row 
  • Fix incorrect precision for Sybase smalldatetime datatype and DataDirect driver
  • Fix memory leak with Script Preview window
  • Optimize get display text for date, time, timestamp, guid, binary and  bit
  • Fix crash with comparing stored procedure columns for folder items
  • Do not display header for bottom settings list when display orientation is horizontal
  • Fix misplaced edit when settings other list is scrolled
  • Center header images without margins
  • Keep comparison lists current item/subitem synchronized
  • Move filter details, if any, to properties in generated html
  • Use smaller font for comparison saved as html
  • Fix issue with IE/Opera and html iframe width
  • Fix issue with IE/Opera and wrapping html hyphenated text
2007-07-23 116
  • Update minimum application requirement to Windows XP. Windows 2000 is no longer supported starting with this release.
  • Use Windows theme API for custom draw. Windows Classic style is no longer supported
  • Use AK if available for where clause columns if updates Where Clause Key property is set to Primary Key and table does not have a primary key
  • Add support for generating data sync script
  • Add support for saving pending data updates as sync script 
  • Add initial support for saving selected text/ rows as sql delete, insert or update statements
  • Embed links to created files in message pane
  • Add support for displaying line numbers and setting line wrap for text panes
  • Add Match All command to match all new columns where number of new columns is the same. Add Unmatch All command to unmatch columns where column names are different. 
  • Warn where an inline comparison order by clause requires a convert escape sequence and driver does not support the data type conversion
  • Use SQL_FLOAT instead of SQL_DOUBLE when checking MS SQL Server native client driver support for converting character column to SQL_DOUBLE
  • Rollback last batch of uncommitted updates on save cancel
  • Implement workaround for Oracle ODBC driver where driver takes a long time executing catalog functions, namely,  execute "ALTER SESSION SET cursor_sharing=FORCE" right after connecting to Oracle when using the driver.
  • Implement workaround for Oracle ODBC driver bug with no precision for timestamp columns
  • Do not add catalog name to default save as file name if catalog is a file spec, such as Access, Excel, etc data sources.
  • Add additional shortcut keys to Recently Created Files 2 through 4
  • Use actual key used for the comparison for updates where clause columns, if applicable, and not comparison key edits that have not been applied yet by a recompare.
  • Convert from Unicode to UTF-8 when setting sql pane text for triggers, procedure text if text is Unicode
  • Add Open External Diff Application menu item to Tools menu
  • Set data source-specific keywords in addition to standard ODBC keywords for SQL panes
  • Fix UI tab order
  • Misc find dialog fixes
  • Use images for warning/error messages logged in message panes
  • Fix crash after changing table comparison filter where some tables are no longer included in the results but were viewed in New1 or New2 result folders.
  • Fix crash continuing comparison that was stopped at the end of buffers of one of its data objects
  • Stop inline comparison when either side encounters an error
  • Add Data Sources button to Add DBMS Comparison dialog
  • Refresh comparison settings on retrieve if either side has a resultset id but no resultset columns and resultset is item dependent
  • Display number of rows retrieved in bulk compare view for inline comparisons and not necessarily the same as number of rows kept.
  • Fix bug with not applying data source name edit for a connected data source and update tree with new name.
  • Fix bug with incorrectly identifying ASE 15 when using Sybase ODBC driver that does not return a DBMS name
  • Update text editor from Scintilla 1.72 to 1.74
2007-05-07 116*
  • Add option to allow over-riding driver's default transaction isolation level when setting up data source
  • Add data types comparison to DBMS comparison root
  • Allow showing/hiding toolbars for comparison root and user folders panes.  Hardcode pane toolbar position at the top of the pane. 
  • Add support for inheriting inline comparison properties from parent item and move inline properties to new Advanced properties tab. 
  • Add support for a custom order by clause for an inline comparison and move order by clause option from comparison level to item side level.
  • Add option to display comparison sides horizontally
  • Update embedded repository Firebird driver to version  Application now uses the new Firebird ODBC driver that has default thread-safe option.  Old driver with MT in its name is only required for previous releases of CompareData.
  • Update Firebird client to 2.01
  • Fix memory leak with data source setup window
  • Fix slightly over-sized page for main tab first page
  • Update PostgreSQL sequence metadata to use information schema view
  • Fix crash with procedure columns for procedure list where procedure subtype is not applicable(ASA, FB, etc).
  • Fix crash where tree item is deleted but item is referenced in a compare data tab.
  • Fix bug with misplaced editbox for settings columns after columns are hidden/shown.
2007-03-26 115
  • Identify Cloudscape/Derby/JavaDB, Access 2007, Excel 2007 and NexusDB data sources
  • Add more support for comparing unicode data types to all numeric data types
  • Sort resultset appropriately when comparison key column data type is character type and its matching key column is not.
  • Add Ignore and Exclude from select row counters/filters to comparisons
  • Add New, Ignore, and Exclude from select column counters to compare data tab.
  • Update/fix open item accelerators
  • Allocate retrieve buffer memory in blocks to avoid out of memory error where client machine has enough memory to store the resultset but does not have one contiguous memory block big enough to store all the resultset rows.
  • Reduce memory requirement for retrieving data of tables that have fixed size columns over 128 characters. 
  • Implement workaround for Access SQLStatististics driver error for views
  • Fix locking issue with Ingres
  • Force refresh of display when moving from comparison to same comparison but with different where clause.
  • Save image files in gif format with transparent background when saving comparison as html
  • Fix sporadic crash on canceling multi-item metadata comparison
  • Set UI thread priority higher than application worker threads
2007-02-03 115
  • Use alternate key (unique index), if any, as comparison key if table does not have a primary key and/or data source does not support primary keys.
  • Add support for selecting display text: all text, rows, columns and range of cells and copying selected text to clipboard or saving text to a file in tab-delimited or csv format.
  • Add Recent Created Files menu option to quickly open recently saved comparisons, etc using the shell default application for the created file.
  • Add option to display tab/line end characters for grid display
  • Display number of selected item in status message if more than one item is selected
  • Retrieve metadata for an item only when necessary
  • Reduce flashing for metadata panes when tree item selection changes from one tree item to another
  • Add separate schema column(s) to compare data pane
  • Eliminate error when checking for Adabas D driver row/parameter offset support
  • Add padding to save as html table cells
  • Identify HSQLDB, Ocelot , Gupta SQLBase, Pervasive and Birdstep RDM data sources
  • Fix main tab blanking on changing where clause
  • Fix sporadic repository PK violation on closing tab
  • Fix sporadic application crash on exit
  • Generate a label name for resultset columns where driver does not return a label for the column to allow limited use of the resultset
  • Validate query resultset columns to ensure retrieval of all the columns is supported
  • Update UI for Windows XP
  • Remove vertical scrollbar from left main display grid pane (Windows XP)
  • Update application to Firebird 2.0 release
  • Use 4096 page size for new Firebird databases
  • Rename fbembed.dll to fbclient.dll.  If you have created Firebird ODBC data sources that refer to the embedded client as fbembed.dll you need to update those data sources to reference fbclient.dll instead
  • Update editor from Scintilla 1.62 to 1.72