DBMS Notes CompareData

Some of the databases and drivers tested with CompareData.

Basic DBMS metadata support is provided using ODBC catalog functions whereas extended DBMS metadata support provides additional features such as comparing triggers by accessing the DBMS information schema.

DBMS Version Driver Ver Test
4D 19 4D v19 ODBC Driver 64-bit fail
ApsaraDB for PolarDB* MySQL 8.0 MariaDB ODBC driver 3.5 pass test
ApsaraDB RDS* MySQL ODBC 8.0 ANSI Driver issues
Airtable CData ODBC Driver for Airtable 22.00.8257.00 pass test
Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB Simba MongoDB ODBC Driver pass
Azure Cosmos DB for NoSQL Microsoft Azure DocumentDB ODBC Driver pass
Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL* PostgreSQL 14.5 PostgreSQL ANSI Fair
Cassandra 4.0.4 Simba Cassandra ODBC Driver 2.06.00 pass test
Citus* 10.2.3 PostgreSQL ANSI Fair
ClickHouse ClickHouse ODBC Driver (ANSI) fair
CockroachDB* 21.2.0-beta.4 PostgreSQL Unicode pass
CrateDB 4.6.6 PostgreSQL ANSI Fair
Cubrid 11.2 CUBRID Driver fair
Databricks Spark SQL 3.1.2 Simba Spark ODBC Driver pass
Db2* 11.05 IBM DB2 ODBC Driver - DBCOPY1 11.05.6000.1809 Fail
IBM DB2 ODBC Driver - IBMDBCL1 11.05.7000.1973 Pass
dBASE 5 Microsoft dBase Driver (*.dbf) 10.00.22000.01 Fair
DBMaker 5.4 DBMaker 5.4 Driver Fair
Dolt* MySQL 5.7.9-Vitess MySQL ODBC 8 ANSI Driver issues
DynamoDB API Version 2012-08-10 Simba DynamoDB ODBC Driver Fair
EnterpriseDB Advanced Server* 14.1 PostgreSQL ANSI Fair
Exasol 7.2.1 EXASolution Driver fail
FileMaker Pro 19.2.1 FileMaker ODBC Pass
Firebird* 6.03 Firebird/InterBase(r) driver Pass
Google BigQuery* 2 Simba ODBC Driver for Google BigQuery pass
Google Sheets CData ODBC Driver for Google Sheets 21.00.8091 pass
IBM Cloudant CData ODBC Driver for Apache CouchDB 22.00.8257.00 pass test
Informix IDS* 14.10 IBM INFORMIX ODBC DRIVER (64-bit) Pass
Ingres 9.2* 9.2.0 Ingres 9.2 3.50.920.90 Fair
InterBase* 14.02 InterBase ODBC driver Pass
InterSystems IRIS 2021.2.0.651 InterSystems IRIS ODBC35 2021.2.0.651 Fair
MariaDB* 10.06 MariaDB ODBC 3.1 Driver Pass
MarkLogic 10.0-9.4 MarkLogic SQL fair
Microsoft Access 2003 - 2019 Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb, *.accdb) 16.00.13328.20334 Pass64
Microsoft Excel 2003 - 2019 Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls, *.xlsx, *.xlsm, *.xlsb) 16.00.14701.20040 Pass32/64
Microsoft SQL Server* 2005 - 2019 ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server 17.08.0001 Pass64
Mimer SQL 10.01.06 MIMER Pass64
MonetDB 11.43.0021 MonetDB ODBC Driver 11.43.0021 Pass
MongoDB 5.0.5 MongoDB ODBC 1.4.2 ANSI Driver fair
Simba MongoDB ODBC Driver fair
MySQL* 8.00.31 MySQL ODBC 8 ANSI Driver issues
MySQL ODBC 8 Unicode Driver issues
MariaDB ODBC 3.1 Driver Pass
Neo4j 5.1.0 CData ODBC Driver for Neo4j 22.00.8326.00 Pass
OpenLink Virtuoso 7.2 OpenLink Virtuoso 7.20.3219.01 Fair
Oracle* 19c Oracle in OraDB19Home Pass
Percona Server for MySQL* 8.0.27 MySQL ODBC 8 ANSI Driver issues
MariaDB ODBC 3.1 Driver Pass
Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL* 14.2 PostgreSQL ANSI Fair
PostgreSQL Unicode Pass
Pervasive PSQL 15.10 Pervasive ODBC Client Interface 15.10.31 Fair
PlanetScale Vitess* MySQL 8.0.23 MySQL ODBC 8 ANSI Driver issues
PostgreSQL* 14, 15 PostgreSQL ANSI Fair
PostgreSQL Unicode Pass
Raima Database Manager 15.2.1 Raima Database Manager 15.2 Fail
Redis 7.0.4 CData ODBC Driver for Redis 22.00.8257 Pass
Redshift* 8.0.2 Amazon Redshift (x64) Pass
Snowflake* 4.43.2 SnowflakeDSIIDriver Pass
SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise* 16 Adaptive Server Enterprise Fair
SAP Advantage Database Server 12 Advantage StreamlineSQL ODBC Pass64
SAP MaxDB 7.6 SAP DB Pass
SAP SQL Anywhere* 17 Adaptive Server Anywhere 17 Pass
SingleStore* 7.05.0011 SingleStore ODBC ANSI Driver 1.01.00 Issues
MySQL ODBC 8 ANSI Driver issues
SQLite* 3.32.3 SQLite3 ODBC Driver 0.9998.00.00 Fair
Supabase* 14.1 PostgreSQL ANSI Fair
Teradata* 17.10 Teradata Database ODBC Driver 17.10 Fair
Text Files DataDirect 5.2 TextFile (*.*) Pass
Microsoft Text Driver (*.txt; *.csv) 16.00.13328.20334 pass
TiDB* 5.3.0 MySQL ODBC 8.0 ANSI issues
Timescale* 12.12 PostgreSQL ANSI Fair
Vertica 12.0 Vertica pass
YugabyteDB* 11.2-YB- PostgreSQL ANSI Fair
PostgreSQL Unicode Pass
Passpass Fairfair/issues Failed failed/does not work
*Extended metadata support