ODBC Drivers CompareData

CompareData uses ODBC 3.5 drivers to connect to databases. Most dbms vendors provide ODBC drivers as part of a free client download. Also third-party software vendors provide ODBC drivers for most databases but usually require a license or a fee.

Use Windows ODBC Data Sources app to add an ODBC data source for each database you want to use with CompareData as described in Quick Start.
ANSI vs Unicode Drivers

CompareData is a UTF-8 application. If an ODBC driver has both an ANSI (narrow) and a Unicode (wide) version (MySQL, PostgreSQL, for example) then use the ANSI version of the driver for best performance unless one of the DBMS comparison schemas has wide char columns (SQL Server nchar, nvarchar, for example).

Note that current version of MySQL and PostgreSQL ODBC ANSI drivers do not currently convert wide char/UTF-16 (SQL_WCHAR, SQL_WVARCHAR, SQL_WLONGVARCHAR) to UTF-8 and if the schema of a DBMS comparison has wide char columns then use the Unicode version of these drivers to avoid issues with comparing and synchronizing wide char data.

See DBMS Notes for additional information about databases and drivers.
Db2 IBM Data Server Driver for ODBC
Firebird Firebird website (included with CompareData)
Informix Informix Client Software Development Kit (Client SDK)
MariaDB MariaDB Connector/ODBC
MySQL MySQL Connector/ODBC
Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft ODBC Driver for SQL Server
Oracle Oracle ODBC Drivers
PostgreSQL psqlODBC is the official PostgreSQL ODBC Driver
SQLite Christian Werner website
SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise SAP Trials and Downloads SDK for Adaptive Server Enterprise 16.0
SingleStore MySQL Connector/ODBC SingleStore GitHub repository