Licensing Agreement and Disclaimer

CompareData, henceforth the software, is an application distributed with a free evaluation period. The software has an evaluation period of 30 days wherein all the functionality of the software is available to the user. After the evaluation period expires, some functionality of the software will be disabled and requires a license from Zidsoft, henceforth the author, to be enabled. A license can be obtained on the web by registering the software at registration page. Purchasing a license for CompareData (i.e., registering the software) entitles the licensee to use the software according to specific conditions:


                 A Single-User/Professional License is for a single user only, entitling the licensee to use CompareData on any computer provided that the software is not running on more than one computer at the same time.


                 A Site License is for a single physical geographical location (facility) entitling an unlimited number of installations/use of the software on computers at the site and/or by any user who is based at the site.


Details about registration and the latest version of the software are available at



You are free to copy/distribute the software provided that you do not take or claim ownership of the application and provided that you credit and make reference to the publisher This software cannot be sold/resold without written authorization from the author. You may not alter, decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, or attempt to circumvent the license key and/or evaluation period, or modify this software in any way.


Evaluation Period

During the evaluation period, the unregistered software is fully functional. When the evaluation period expires, some of the software functionality is disabled until you register the sotware or upgrade to the next release. If you are using CompareData for serious work you are advised to obtain a license key at least 10 days prior to the end of the evaluation period to avoid disruptions. Please allow 48 hours for your license key to be delivered when registering via the web (7 business days if registering by mail). Altering the software license key, in any way, will invalidate it and the software will stop working until the original license key is restored. You can check the software licensing information by opening the application Help About dialog.


Modifying Database Data

CompareData has functionality that allows the application user to modify database data/schema, henceforth contents, via synchronize data functionality, generated SQL sync scripts and/or by executing SQL scripts. Like any application that allows the user to modify database contents, you must take precautions to avoid unintended modification of database contents, specifically:


If a data source data should never be modified, mark the data source as Read-only in the data source setup dialog or set the data source updates properties Allow Updates to No at the comparison root level.

When synchronizing data or generating SQL sync script make sure you are invoking the command in the correct direction.

Whereas synchronize data functionality checks the number of rows affected by a delete or an update to ensure that no more than one row is affected; the generated delete or update SQL sync script does not check the number of affected rows by a delete/update statement and you must ensure that the where clause columns you are using for the generated SQL delete/update statements uniquely identify the intended row to be deleted/updated.

If you are unsure how data will be synchronized, try it first on a test table to ensure that you understand how it works.

The above measures are in no means comprehensive and you must always exercise caution when modifying database contents by making frequent database backups and by using any other precautions that may help you recover any unintended database changes. You assume all responsibility for modifying database contents.



The author of the software/Zidsoft accepts no responsibility for damages resulting from the use of this software and makes no warranty, either express nor implied, including, but not limited to, any implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. This software is provided as is, and you, the user, assume all risks by using it.